Shopsy : An Online Shopping App

Shopsy : An Online Shopping App
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What is Shopsy?

Flipkart launched the social commerce platform Shopsy in July 2021. It is a mobile application that provides a platform for people to establish their own online businesses. It is a zero-commission marketplace for sellers in India, which means that sellers do not have to pay any fees to list their products on the platform. It also provides a number of services that make it simple for sellers to connect with customers, such as:

  • A wide range of product options for customers include fashion, electronics, home and kitchen, and more
  • A simple and easy-to-use interface
  • The ability to design and distribute product catalogs to friends and family
  • A commission-free model that makes money-making easy

Shopsy also allows users to earn money by reselling products. Users can share product links with their friends and family, and if someone makes a purchase through the link, the user will earn a commission.

Shopsy is presently accessible in India, but it is expected to eventually become available worldwide. The platform has had rapid growth in its short lifespan and will likely dominate the Indian social commerce market.

Benefits of using Shopsy:

Shopsy : An Online Shopping App

Here are some of the benefits of using Shopsy:

  • Zero commission for sellers: There are no costs that come with selling goods on Shopsy. This makes it a particularly appealing platform for startups and small enterprises.
  • Wide range of products: a variety of products in a wide range are available in this online shopping app, including fashion, electronics, home & kitchen, and more, all at a reasonable price. This makes the app a great platform to buy products.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface: its interface is very simple and easy to use. This makes it easy for sellers to list their products and for buyers to find their desired products.
  • The ability to create and share product catalogs: Sellers can create and share product catalogs with their friends and family. This is a great way to reach a wider audience and promote their products.

Shopsy is an excellent choice if you are looking for a way to resell things online or make money doing so. The site is simple to use and has many features, making it a wonderful option for both buyers and sellers.

Challenges Faced by Shopsy

Here are some of the challenges:

  • Competition from other social commerce platforms: In India, there are other additional social commerce sites, like Meesho and Amazon Seller Central. These platforms provide features and services that are comparable to those of Shopsy, so in order to succeed, Shopsy will need to stand ahead of its competitors.
  • Low awareness: it is still an emerging platform and is less well-known than some of its competitors. This means that in order to increase interest in the platform, Shopsy will need to make investments in marketing and promotion.
  • Trust issues: Some users could be hesitant to use a social commerce platform as they might worry about the security of their personal information and the quality of the goods. In order to earn users’ trust, Shopsy must fix these issues.

Why Shopsy is a beneficial platform for Customers and Sellers?

Below are some of the ways in which it is beneficial for both customers and sellers:


  • Wide selection of products: It provides a large variety of goods in many different categories, such as fashion, technology, home & kitchen, and more. Customers can therefore use this platform to find the goods they require and desire.
  • Competitive prices: it provides affordable prices for a variety of goods as compared to other e-commerce websites. Customers can therefore make huge financial savings on their purchases.
  • Convenient shopping experience: It provides clients with a convenient shopping experience. Customers can use the platform online and browse and purchase things with ease from home.
  • Easy returns and refunds: it has a simple refund and return policy. Customers can be assured that their purchase is secure.
  • Social features: It provides social features that let users connect with one another and recommend products to one another.


  • Zero commission: It doesn’t charge sellers any commissions. As a result, sellers can keep a larger portion of their transactions’ proceeds.
  • Large user base: it has a user base of over 10 million. This implies that vendors have a chance to connect with plenty of potential clients.
  • Easy to use: Even for sellers who are unfamiliar with e-commerce, it is quite simple to use. This platform includes an easy-to-use user interface and an easy listing procedure.
  • Growth opportunities: It is a platform that is expanding and frequently introducing new features and services. This indicates that merchants have the chance to expand their companies along with the platform.
  • Access to a ready logistics network: To give sellers access to a ready logistics network, Shopsy collaborates with top logistics companies. This implies that vendors can conveniently distribute their goods to clients throughout India.
  • Access to market insights: Market analytics are made available to vendors through Shopsy, including information on consumer demand and product trends. This knowledge can aid vendors in choosing more effective products and promotional tactics.
  • Opportunities for cross-promotion: it gives vendors the chance to advertise their goods with other vendors on the marketplace. This can aid vendors in reaching a larger market and boosting revenues.

Shopsy is a promising social commerce platform with several benefits. It does, however, suffer major challenges such as limited awareness and competition from other platforms. Shopsy has the potential to dominate the Indian social commerce market if it can overcome these obstacles. Definitely suggest checking out Shopsy if you’re searching for a means to buy or sell things online.

You can download the Shopsy Application below:

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